Box of Mary Kay items. All for 10.00! All items brand new and never used. Perfume, makeup pouches, picture holder, broach/pendent. All in picture as seen.
This is the new secret deodorant. It is supposed to be very convenient for traveling and throwing it in your purse should you need it throughout the day. It is lavender scent. I took a picture of the back of the box so you could read about it. I bought it to take with me on vacation and forgot it at home.
This is the color doctor blood pressure cuff. It is brand new has never been used. Is still in the bubble wrap and the directions are inside the container. It did come with batteries so you would be able to check it to make sure that it is working. If the one picture that shows the screen looks marked it is not that is the plastic that is still over the screen protecting it. This could be given...
Revlon powder blush. The color is classic coral. They're still sealed. I switch colors and no longer use this shade.
Ultrasonic humidifier, my water isn't good enough to run this type of humidifier and I got tired of cleaning it. It's almost new and works perfectly.
Cute Toy Fox Terrier on glossy vinyl cosmetic bag says "Kiss Me". Zippered bag is NEW with tag. Dark pink with polka dots.
This is brand new sonic cleaning brush. Comes with facial brush , body brush, and a charging cradle. Never been used. This is an amazing cleaning brush. It Has multiple settings, speed's, and a pulse setting .I am an aesthetician and have used all kinds of cleansing devices , and I recommend this brush to all my clients..
This portable machine gives you the power of Galvanic +/-, Micro-current, Ultrasonic,and radio frequency . Operating setting 1.RF(radio frequency),collagen renewal and activating,ANTI-wrinkle,skin rejuvenation 2.Ion exporting ,ion importing,deep cleaning 3.ENI(electroporation),promote nutrients absorb 4.EMS(intelligent micro electrical muscle stimulation),face-lifting and shaping 5.Cool( ice ra...
good condition

Lift Chair

Pride lift chair...micro suede...I bought this used for my husband but He needs a little bigger to be truly comfortable but would be perfect for a small framed person.
A total of 20, New, Natural, Handmade Lemongrass Soap Bars- usually sell from $8-15 dollars a bar.

Body set

New (3 available)

Body set

New! 2/$5 (2 sets available)
New! 2/$10
All new
New! 4/$10 (2 sets available)
Excellent condition. Comes with manual and lateral raise equipment. Paid $1800.00 something for it. I got a rebound I like a lot more. We need the space. Advocates say that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress h...
According to Dr. Oz and AARP, 100 million people suffer with pain. The annual cost of chronic pain and loss of productivity is $635 billion.The Energy Cleaner works with normal, natural cellular cycles of cleansing and replenishing and makes those cycles work more efficiently, expelling toxins and taking in nutrients. The Energy Cleaner gradually stimulates this process so that your cells can h...
Full length mirror from IKEA (the mongstad) new $129.00 Have 10 in like new condition for $60.00 each
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